The Evolution of Mobile Apps and Its Marketing Potential


blogpost3In our current technological era, it has become a necessity for one to own a smart phone or a device that allows one to access the universe through their palms. Owning a Smartphone or a tablet is not a luxury statement anymore, in fact it has become a necessity for an individual to fit in or progress in our current world.

Hence, the most important component in owning a device would be the presence of the mobile operating system or specifically the mobile apps. Mobile apps allow a person to install the required or the preferred features in order for the device to function according to ones requirements.

app-store-google-playMobile apps such as Google play, apple store and many others have allowed phones to access the universe through their fingertips, along with that it has also created a new path for a strategic marketing.

Through mobile apps, a company or an industry would be able to expand their intentions towards their targeted audience with ease.  Instead of the traditional form of marketing, having an app allows customers to access and experience the product first hand; therefore, this creates a great leap in the marketing culture.

Due to the fact of availability, people all around the globe would have the opportunity to experience the product with less logistical complications. Hence, it creates a right impression for a product therefore creating a huge market demand.

Furthermore being part of a mobile app system allows a certain product to appear with only specific key words, therefore this give even a brand new service or product attention, which saturates its competition in the real market.

mobile use

As a conclusion mobile apps creates a new road for marketing, it’s the road less traveled but with the most opportunities to revolutionize the world of marketing.

Getting High ROIs with Facebook Mobile Ads



Facebook has become a social media platform, which we all depend on to communicate and to form an opinion. It has proven to be the most effective way of marketing and creating a platform for the right audiences.

As Facebook have the capabilities of reaching out towards a large number of crowds in a short period without much effort. Although our world has grown out of the time of propaganda, Facebook has allowed propaganda to spread in a systematic manner in order to attract the right amount of audience and create the right networking for clients.

One of the most interesting Facebook features are the Facebook mobile ad’s where companies and clients are allowed to place their advertising in order to attract the right clients for their product. In many cases, this method has proven a to be a huge success that has allowed many products to reach out to diverse communities. This ad platform has been particularly effective for small businesses. In one recent example, a home improvement provider from Akron, Ohio used facebook ads to launch the business from the start, a feat that wouldn’t have been possible only a few years ago.

As Facebook, mobile ad’s allows advertising towards a large number of audiences therefore creating a scenario of bulk marketing towards a diverse society. Internet in general provides an opportunity to reach audiences around the world or to target a particular audience if you are seeking to do niche marketing. Internet marketing and Social media marketing such as Facebook have largely replaced the traditional means of marketing due to the low level of cost and high amount of yield in terms of customer conversion.


In print or video media the consumers are forced to sit through an ad but in social media the companies can discreetly place their products and advertisement that is easily gobbled up by the interested parties.

In the modern world social media sites such as Facebook have become the great sources of advertisement that consumers and businesses turn to in order to make their businesses shine and form an opinion about certain trends and products.

The $250MM AOL’s Acquisition of Millennial Media


blogpost1Networking and advertising are often considered a crucial tool in marketing. it provides the audience a chance to play a huge role in a company’s existence. Millennial Media has gained a reputation in being the giant for mobile advertising and monetization.

Its mission is to ensure that mobile marketing thrives, this great marketing tool has allowed many opportunities and great success in its previous years. Formed in the year 2006, Millennial Media has gained large publicity and has grown as marketing giant in a short amount of time .

jumptap-b02cf26b8b88c3841d09fa18a07db6c9In August 2013 as they acquired Jumptap, it helped strengthen themselves as a leading mobile advertising company. Furthermore, it also helped them expand their market to create an independent mobile advertising network in the near future as the technology and the contribution of Jumptap has allowed them to assert themselves in the advertising world.

As they continue striving into acquiring Nexage in the year 2014, it helped them establish a strong network and marketing concept for their clients. Through Nexage, Millennial Media has managed to reach out to consumers through Facebook Ads, Google Ads and other platforms, which are programmed through Nexage.


Therefore, this has allowed millennial media to create a different perspective towards mobile advertising. Recently acquired by AOL, has made Millennial Media an unstoppable force in mobile marketing. As it, inventively manages to attract the right audience through mobile marketing allowing the clients to have a better network.

Furthermore, its technology and aspects has allowed it to place a strong character towards its form of marketing, which creates an avenue of professionalism and trustworthiness. Therefore, the sophistication created by Millennial Media has allowed it to attract the right audience for the targeted client thus delivering a satisfactory result. As a conclusion, Millennial Media proves to be the giant of mobile advertising despite all adversities.